RM3 Steering Damper - Adventure

Elevate your adventures with the Adventure Bike-specific RM3 Steering Damper.

All RM3 steering damper kits are bolt-on and do not require you to make permanent changes to your standard bike. To allow for this the RM3 offers you a unit that’s physical dimensions, its height, width and depth, are slimline enough that it fits under most handlebars with the bars raised a nominal amount.

When designing a steering damper for most adventure bikes, the instrument panel, top triple clamp and handlebar setup is similar to a road bike in that there is a lot of parts in the relative small space. When designing a steering damper unit, we understood that its physical dimensions were important, so that owners didn’t have to make heavy adjustments like welding or cutting the frame to attach the damper.

The RM3 Damper features a 20-position main adjuster and the intelligent ACTIVE RETURN TO CENTER operating system that was developed with the Australian Factory KTM Desert Team and other major offroad teams here in Australia.

With the simple-to-use adjuster system you now only need to set how firm or soft you want your handlebars to turn, our Active RTC technology will work out from the feedback the rider gives the bike if you require the damper to have Full damping on return to centre for high-speed situations or if you require Zero damping on return to centre for terrain that demands the rider to counter steering in a hurry. This is achieved using a clever bleed-off valve in the return-to-center circuit that maintains the optimum amount of pressure in the RTC circuit until it is forced open with added pressure to the steering axis.  

Inside the RM3 is the same billet steel vane and minimal friction shaft seal that is currently outlasting other steering dampers around the world in real-life Adventure situations. We currently have many customers on around-the-world trips relying on Ralle Moto steering dampers to keep them in control and trouble-free in countries where no mechanical support is available.


  Australian-made with CNC machined billet aluminium

  Reduces headshake and overall ride fatigue

  Reduces wheel deflection from debris and elements

   Hardened steel, long-lasting linkages

  Wide range of adjustment

  Active Return To Centre Technology

  Fully serviceable by mechanics or MSC


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