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7 Reasons why you need a steering damperMay 29th 2024 // Video: The AXIS Steering Damper in Detail

Watch: The AXIS Steering Damper in Detail

Vaughan from MSC Moto explains the science behind our Australian-made Axis Steering Damper and why you need one on your bike for high-speed desert and off-road racing! (Click here to read more)



7 Reasons why you need a steering damperApril 10th 2024 // Desert Racing Must Haves!

Desert Racing Product Guide

Are you all-set to tackle Australia's iconic desert races? Learn how to prepare for the fast, rough tracks and the products you need to keep your bike and body in check! (Click here to read more)



7 Reasons why you need a steering damperJanuary 10th 2024 // Can MSC's Anti-Vibration Bar Mounts Improve Your Riding?

APEX Bar Mounts - Tried, tested and proven

Are you struggling with arm-pump, grip strength, or just looking for a little added comfort on the bike? Read on to learn more about our Apex mounts and hear thoughts from industry-leaders test results! (Click here to read more)



7 Reasons why you need a steering damper19th February 2016 // Seven Reasons Why You Need a Damper

What, How and Why do MSC steering dampers improve your ride?

So you have seen the MSC Moto steering dampers and others to in your travels but still unsure as to why you should actually buy one? Or maybe you have asked around and got an answer along the lines of you don't need a steering damper? (Click here to read more) 


Our Stories


First Timer: Thinking about Finke: Part 1

If you are a first timer thinking about doing the Finke Desert Race then check this blog out!

Part 1 - It really is this good!

So you have seen all the amazing Finke videos on YouTube and facebook, read articles in magazines and heard all the stories good and scary about Australia's GREATEST motorcycle race the Tatts Finke Desert Race... (Click here to read more) 


First timer thinking about Finke? Part 2 - Whats involved?


It may seem like a long way to travel to the center of Australia from any corner of the country but it is not as bad as you think and it really is probably one of the best parts of the Finke experience!

Read on to see whats involved! (Click here to read more) 


First timer thinking about Finke?  Part 3 - The noble steed!

Hi Finke racers hope you have all got your entry done and are ready to start getting your noble steed ready for battle! This is part 3 on getting you bike ready to race and some of the other stuff you need to get ready prior to leaving for the red center.


First up this is probably already done and yeah its probably orange or red it just seems to be that way up at Finke!! It doesn't have to be this way...  (Click here to read more) 


First timer thinking about Finke? Part 4 - Going the distance!


You are entered, bike is almost prepared and now your thinking how the heck am I going to go the distance?? Well don't stress to much about becoming Arnie Schwarzenegger and looking like a condom full of walnuts because that will probably make it harder! (If this is you just jump ahead to the bit about taping your hands you will need it!) Getting yourself ready for Finke is not just fitness... (Click here to read more)


First timer thinking about Finke? Part 5 - From the horses mouth!

The 2015 Tatts Finke Desert Race is now only a few weeks away and for most of you only a few days before you head to the red center to give it your best shot at Australia's greatest desert race or should I say race or event in general!

For this blog I thought way back to my first Finke and how I was feeling about this time before the race but then I remembered it was 2004 and thats old news and I had already covered that in Blog 1. So what I did was call in my mate Duncan who was one of the fellas I talked into doing the 2014 Finke and I have mentioned a few times throughout my last few blogs. (Click here to read more.)


Your Stories


Our Grand Canyon Adventure

Hi MSC Moto,

Last year a group of friends and I went on a trip in the American West. We circumnavigated the Grand Canyon over a period of 2 weeks and 4,000 km. I was riding a fully loaded KTM Adventure 1190 in some of the most remote places in the US....  Click here to read more.



Retirees’ Shake Down

Many of us have a bucket list and some of us have to wait until circumstances and the stars align before we can start to tick some of those things off.

A journey around Australia is one of those things that is on many bucket lists and the roads are littered with grey nomads in their motorhomes and caravans who are doing just that.  So it has come to pass that a small group of retirees is in serious planning for a lap around Australia on our motorcycles. Click here to read more


Russian Madness

Hi I am back home from my trip to Russia.

I was driving mostly gravel roads and never my Suzuki has been so good as now. Click here to read more.