Our Grand Canyon Adventure

Author: Carl Bouchard   Date Posted:10 July 2017 

Our Grand Canyon Adventure main image Our Grand Canyon Adventure image

Hi MSC Moto,

Last year a group of friends and I went on a trip in the American West. We circumnavigated the Grand Canyon over a period of 2 weeks and 4,000 km. I was riding a fully loaded KTM Adventure 1190 in some of the most remote places in the US.  During this trip we encountered not only magnificent scenery but all kinds of road conditions. We had to ride in loose sand and gravel for hours. I think this picture reflects very well why I absolutely wanted to be equipped with the MSC steering damper. Sometimes the trail was hard pack for miles but pockets of loose sand or pebbles where a regular occurrence. Although I had limited off road experience before this trip I managed to stay in the leading group all the time. Thank you MSC Moto for taking part in my adventure.

Carl Bouchard



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