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Here is some feedback from our happy customers:


"Hey just wanted to say how happy I am with the damper. I am so glad you sent me the top mount pdhs style, fitted up nicely and tried it for first time at the weekend. Never used one before but the thing is you don't feel intimidated by it because of the simplicity. I was riding single track in a coastal pine forest (The Sandpit at Woodhill Auckland). I began on about 5 and went up to 15 with no unwanted interference from the damper but a huge boost in stability. Man this things great and you're not doing that constant wrestling the bars thing, sreally saves your shoulders. When I got home and unloaded bike I couldn't believe how stiff it was as I hadnt adjusted it off at all from 15. Very interesting when hanging a sharp turn and seated forward which I will be interested to explore more as the back comes around much slower and more controlled. Anyway after all the stress of not really understanding anything about dampers or the best configuration I can honestly say I'm just real happy with the product in terms of quality of finish, fitment and so far brilliant performance. Thanks"

~BMW F800 Customer- Simon Baxter, NEW ZEALAND


"Hi Guys, Just writing to say hi and to let you know that your steering damper is a life saver. I was on a long ride Black Dog Ride through North Queensland and hit a surprise rock on the road at about 120. Suffice to say that while the BMW R1200GSA kicked and bucked like a slapped mule it remained controllable and I was able to keep the bike upright to a controlled stop. The tyre was toast the rim a bent but the rider untouched. Thanks guys. P.S. The Exel foot pegs were great for the whole 9,000km, a bit sticky for lots of riding riding but very comfy for standing on."

~ BMW R1200GSA Customer- Michael Pears, AUSTRALIA

"Hi Mark and Vaughan,
Received the footpegs for the Africa Twin today. I am incredibly impressed - they are a piece of automotive art! Love how you have incorporated the surface area over the hinge mechanism, into load carrying surface. They are very comfortable to stand up on and I look forward to showing them off at the the Rally in the Flinders next weekend. I will post them up on ADVRider and the Africa Twin Facebook groups, so the sooner you post them up on your web-site the better! You'll sell these by the bucket-loads - best footpegs for the Africa Twin by far!"

~Honda Africa Twin Adventure Pegs Customer- Eivind Eikli, AUSTRALIA


"G'day All
I just completed a 4200km trip along the Darling/Murray river system after fitting one of your steering damper to my Africa Twin and it preform flawless with everything that was thrown at it. We did everything from tar roads through to rutted black soil, soft grey clay to deep red sand tracks. I felt comfortable on the bike at all times with the way it handled. Some of my riding companions that did not have steering damper complained about how hard it was to ride in some of the tracks and are going to look into
purchasing one when they get back. I always believed that this is one of the best mods you can do to your bike to make it more enjoyable to ride. Thank you for making and supplying a great product."

~Honda CRF1000 Africa Twin Steering Damper- Greg Phillips, AUSTRALIA


We are constantly looking to update this feedback, so we can continue to improve our service. If you would like us to add your comments and photos to this page, please don't hesitate to email us at info@mscmoto.com.