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Have you ever been caught out with twisted bars after a small drop? We have! During the Australian Four Day Enduro, Vaughan had a brainfade moment crashing his bike. Simple crash, it should have been simple, pick the bike up, and go. But it didn't work out that way. He had to ride 4 and a half hours to the final work period before getting time to disassemble all the bar mounts and set them straight when all he wanted to do was rest. This made him think about how he could make his life easier. Enter MSC's ProBar Mounts.

Standard bar mounts consist of two seperate mounting risers that are not connect. This allows them to pivote in the rubber mounted triple clamp when slight drops occur. The ProBar mount are a solid one piece top bar plate and a single one piece bar riser all CNC machined from high grade solid billet aluminium and anondised black for a durable surface finish. 

The other problem that can occur with cheap bar mounts, is that they are supplied with a universal length bolt which in reality doesn't fit the bike properly. The result is that many people over tighten and distort the rubbers and washers. This causes the mounts to have premature failures and even less resistance to twisting. 

Unlike many after market bar mounts currently sold the ProBar Mount will keep your bars at the standard height not in a random height that makes the rider loose that feeling and connection to the front wheel.

MSCMOTO ProBar Mounts are the best choice for keeping your handlebars exactly where you want them!