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To end all the confusion Ralle Moto is MSC Moto. Ralle Moto is the brand name of our products that have been specifically designed for adventure riders and adventure bikes.

In 2008 after the GFC, we took a pretty hard hit. We understood that if MSC was going to survive, we needed to diversify and enter new markets. While we were pondering over the future direction of MSC, a hefty question weighing on our shoulders, Simone told Mark to clear out of the workshop and grab a coffee at the local bike haunt, Jerry's Cafe on the Central Coast of NSW. Mark sat there sipping his coffee, watching bike after bike come in. Dirt bikes on trailers heading to the local state forest, road bikes on their trips to the NSW wine region, and adventure bikes heading off on their grand long haul adventures. Mark got chatting to one rider, and found out he was heading across the Simpson. The conversation lasted an hour, about what he had planned to take and what kinds of terrains he was going to ride on.

With this conversation playing in the back of his mind, Mark went back to the workshop to see if he could design a new and exciting product that could specifically meet the needs of adventure riders.

Well, why did we rebrand our product as Ralle Moto?

During the GFC we had appointed a distributor for our Dirt bike specific range of steering dampers but the company who was selling our products was not involved in the Adventure Duel sport market. We didn't want to miss out on the opporunity to service that market sector so we decided to make a 2nd brand and give the adventure bike range the care it deserved.

So now if you see a MSC Moto steering damper or a Ralle Moto Damper you know its made by exactly the same people.

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